Touché My Clever Kids, Touché


The characters in the children’s book, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon And Night,” remind me of my own clever kids and here is just one example of how.

I was babysitting my nephew who is 4 years old and trying to reason with my five year old about how we need to SHARE our toys. I explained to him that his cousin was our “guest” and that we let our “guests” do what they “want” to when they visit. That included sharing our toys with our cousin.

Immediately I could see the light bulb come on inside my five year old’s head.

Without skipping a beat he turned to his cousin and asked him, “Do you “want” to go to Chuck-E-Cheese [a pizza and arcade place for kids].”

Well, I don’t have to tell you what his answer was because you know it was, “Yes! I “want” to go to Chuck-E-Cheese!”

I was witnessing what was happening, but I almost couldn’t believe it. Was I really about to be outsmarted by my 5 year old and his 4 year old cousin?

Yes, yes I was.

My five year old son then turned to me and said, “Mom, since my cousin “wants” to go to Chuck-E-Cheese and he is our “guest” I think we should take him!”

OMG! He totally went there! I was outsmarted and outplayed by a five year old!

Touché my son, you clever kid you. Touché!

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