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Alumni Returns to Elementary School to Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

Cassie Oresko

On April 22, 2013, Cassie Oresko, a¬†Wall High School junior,¬†donated 5 copies of the children’s book “Jellybeans Morning, Noon And Night” to Wall Township’s Central Elementary School.

The day of Cassie’s visit was no coincidence. In fact, Cassie visited as an Alumni on this day to help the first graders celebrate National Jelly Bean Day.

During Cassie’s visit she not only read the book by NJ author, Maggie Pajak, but shared some jellybeans and bracelets with the kids to make the celebration even more special. It was her way to pay it forward to the school that she attended as a child.


PHOTO CREDIT: Sueanne Goss, The Coast Star