Book Reviews

This Kid Reviews Books: “Reading bedtime stories is a great way to get kids to go to sleep and “Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night” is the perfect bedtime book!”

The Crypto-Capers Reviews: “This story is an interesting version of teaching children that too much sweets can make you sick. This story is told in a simple and fun way without preaching to the reader about not eating too much sweets and any other kind of food that is bad for you. The author takes a different and more subtle approach where the children find out in their own way really without the mother saying anything at all, though her actions is what speaks the loudest. She goes along with their plan only to fulfill her own. Very clever! Children between the ages of 4-8 will adore the illustrations while learning a valuable lesson of moderation.” “The book itself lived up to the excitement of the package [it came in]. The kids love it! … The reader comes away having learned a lesson of moderation in a very fun way … The illustrations are gorgeous. I always really like it when the words are integrated into the illustrations, and Marni Backer has done an amazing job with this. I also like how colorful the book is. The kids and I find it a very visually engaging book …” Click here to read the entire review.