Kickstarter Conversation With Author Maggie Pajak

This was almost my Christmas card that year my husband was in Iraq!
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Welcome back to another Kickstarter Conversation!  Today it’s my pleasure to be speaking with Maggie Pajak the writer and mother behind the latest Kickstarter book project, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon, and Night.”  Thank you for joining us today Maggie.

Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to get the chance to talk to you about my book. As a mom of boys, I’m usually talking about Nerf guns, Spongebob or Minecraft.

[Laughs] Well I’m normally talking about “My Little Pony” with my daughter so I know what you mean. With a name “Jellybeans” it’s pretty obvious you’re either a candy campaign or a children’s book, would you care to describe your project?

Although the name, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night” is a sweet title, the book is more than about candy.
I wrote this book several years ago when my husband was deployed in Iraq. This story was the bribe that got my son to sleep in his own bed at night. Sleep was hard to come by as it was. Having a two year old rolling around all night in your bed didn’t exactly bring a restful night either.

So, to me this book is more than a story about two brother’s love for jellybeans and their plan to get Mom to let them eat them morning noon and night. It is more than a lesson of moderation and letting your kids learn a lesson on their own. To me it brought a few  giggle filled moments with my son at the end of some very long and trying days.

***To read this interview in it’s entirety, please CLICK HERE.***

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