How Teachers Are Using This Children’s Book in the Classroom


What Teachers Are Saying About Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night

“Maggie enhanced our literacy unit by sharing the process of writing and publishing a book. She enriched our students’ lives by reading her endearing story “Jellybeans Morning Noon and Night.” We loved the way her story captured the childhood dream of having sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The story and illustrations engaged all students and inspired their creativity when making their chef’s hat craft with Maggie. Thank you for a fun morning!”
– Joanne Davis, Kristina Morrison, Jeanne Diem & Kristin Clay
Teachers at the Central Early Childhood Center, Deptford, NJ

“I have been reading “Jellybeans Morning, Noon And Night” to the Pre-School andEarly Elementary children this week. We have had so much fun with it. I get them all chanting with me and thinking about how awful our bellies feel after too much sugar. Then of course we eat some jellybeans. Enjoy sharing with them that the real author signed our book and sent us a message. Love that I can include thoughts of Daddy’s and Mommy’s not always being home and serving for our freedom. Love this book.” – Claudette Delorge

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Latest Review of “Jellybeans Morning, Noon And Night” by

IMG_2022-1024x768 “The book itself lived up to the excitement of the package [it came in]. The kids love it! … The reader comes away having learned a lesson of moderation in a very fun way … The illustrations are gorgeous. I always really like it when the words are integrated into the illustrations, and Marni Backer has done an amazing job with this. I also like how colorful the book is. The kids and I find it a very visually engaging book …”

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Alumni Returns to Elementary School to Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

Cassie Oresko

On April 22, 2013, Cassie Oresko, a Wall High School junior, donated 5 copies of the children’s book “Jellybeans Morning, Noon And Night” to Wall Township’s Central Elementary School.

The day of Cassie’s visit was no coincidence. In fact, Cassie visited as an Alumni on this day to help the first graders celebrate National Jelly Bean Day.

During Cassie’s visit she not only read the book by NJ author, Maggie Pajak, but shared some jellybeans and bracelets with the kids to make the celebration even more special. It was her way to pay it forward to the school that she attended as a child.


PHOTO CREDIT: Sueanne Goss, The Coast Star


Do My Hips Look That Big?

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 9.15.09 PM

During the illustration process of publishing my book, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night,” I discovered that the illustrator and I had a different vision of what the mother in the book should look like. To the left is the first draft version of the jellybean mom.

My first reaction was … do my hips look that big?

Having the children in the book to be representative of my kids, seeing this version of their mother gave me a good chuckle (kind-of). The illustrator wanted the mom to be a little “cooky.” I was OK with cooky, but the hips had to go!

After several different versions, we finally agreed on the mom that appears in the book. She wears jewelry (which I do occasionally), has her nails painted (which I don’t have done anymore) and wears glasses a little crooked (which I don’t need YET).

She isn’t me, exactly, but she is a great representation of a mom who loves her kids and plays along with their imagination and “brilliant plan” to eat jellybeans morning, noon and night. It is a brilliant plan, isn’t it?

Touché My Clever Kids, Touché


The characters in the children’s book, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon And Night,” remind me of my own clever kids and here is just one example of how.

I was babysitting my nephew who is 4 years old and trying to reason with my five year old about how we need to SHARE our toys. I explained to him that his cousin was our “guest” and that we let our “guests” do what they “want” to when they visit. That included sharing our toys with our cousin.

Immediately I could see the light bulb come on inside my five year old’s head.

Without skipping a beat he turned to his cousin and asked him, “Do you “want” to go to Chuck-E-Cheese [a pizza and arcade place for kids].”

Well, I don’t have to tell you what his answer was because you know it was, “Yes! I “want” to go to Chuck-E-Cheese!”

I was witnessing what was happening, but I almost couldn’t believe it. Was I really about to be outsmarted by my 5 year old and his 4 year old cousin?

Yes, yes I was.

My five year old son then turned to me and said, “Mom, since my cousin “wants” to go to Chuck-E-Cheese and he is our “guest” I think we should take him!”

OMG! He totally went there! I was outsmarted and outplayed by a five year old!

Touché my son, you clever kid you. Touché!

Attending A Book Signing Event

Candy Jar Sign In Book

As the Author of “Jellybeans Morning, Noon and Night,” I have planned a few book signing events. I have also planned more than my share of events as the Director of Marketing/Events for a magazine publishing company for the past 10 plus years.

Aside from reading your book at a book signing, the main goal of any event is making it memorable for your guests. One of my favorite parts of my events is Making Paper Chef Hats.

The kids in the book “Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night” wear their own chef hats while cooking jellybeans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Inviting guests at my event (kids and adults alike) to make a paper chef hat of their own gets the audience excited and helps them become more connected with these characters.

It is also personally rewarding when I sit back to read the book because I’m usually looking out at a sea of little chefs wearing colorful and personalized paper chef hats. I am also in character wearing my own chef hat and cooking apron.

Another way I try to engage and help make my guests feel welcome at my events is by having them sign my guest book. I place a print out of an empty jellybean jar on a table by the entrance, along with a couple of ink pads. When guests arrive, they are invited to sign the guest book by stamping their finger on the jellybean jar. The fingerprint, no matter the color, looks like a jellybean.  I also provide wipes for my guests to clean the ink from their fingers that they all very much appreciate.

The sign in book not only helps makes it memorable for those who attend, but by the end of the event I have created a great memory sheet for myself to look back on … a filled jellybean candy jar!

If you would like the author of “Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night” to visit your library, school, store or business, please email me at:


A Dedication to The Troops

Welcome home ceremonies after 10 months in Iraq

My name is Maggie Pajak. I am the author and publisher of the illustrated children’s book,“Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night.” I made up this story years ago when my husband was deployed in Iraq in 2005.

This story was the bribe that got my son to sleep in his own bed at night. Sleep was hard to come by as it was, not knowing what news I would wake up to with the thought that my husband could be in harms way. Having a two year old rolling around all night in your bed didn’t exactly bring a restful night’s sleep either.

As the parent on full-time “night-night duty,” I read more than my share of bedtime books that year. One night I decided to mix it up a bit and came up with this silly story about a boy and his love for jellybeans.

Me and my giggly son

Me and my giggly son

To me this book is more than a story about two brother’s love for jellybeans – ALL of them and their plan to get Mom to let them eat them morning, noon and night. It is more than a lesson of moderation and letting your kids learn a lesson on their own.

To me it brought a few giggle-filled moments with my son at the end of some very long and trying days.

It is for this reason I decided to dedicate the book, not just to my husband and our son, but to all of the troops and their kids.

I know my son and I were not alone. I know I was not the only parent on full-time “night-night duty.” I know my son was not the only child missing their parent. And I know I was not the only wife missing their husband.

Dedication Page
To the left is an image of the dedication page in my book, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night.” It displays a pic of my son Matthew (who’s 10 now) holding a pillow with a photo of my husband in uniform back when he was deployed in Iraq. I hope that “Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night” can bring some levity to others as it did for me and my giggle son those many years ago and as it did for my younger son Andrew (5) while my husband was deployed in 2011.

Kickstarter Conversation With Author Maggie Pajak

This was almost my Christmas card that year my husband was in Iraq!
To read this interview in it’s entirety, please CLICK HERE.

Welcome back to another Kickstarter Conversation!  Today it’s my pleasure to be speaking with Maggie Pajak the writer and mother behind the latest Kickstarter book project, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon, and Night.”  Thank you for joining us today Maggie.

Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to get the chance to talk to you about my book. As a mom of boys, I’m usually talking about Nerf guns, Spongebob or Minecraft.

[Laughs] Well I’m normally talking about “My Little Pony” with my daughter so I know what you mean. With a name “Jellybeans” it’s pretty obvious you’re either a candy campaign or a children’s book, would you care to describe your project?

Although the name, “Jellybeans Morning, Noon & Night” is a sweet title, the book is more than about candy.
I wrote this book several years ago when my husband was deployed in Iraq. This story was the bribe that got my son to sleep in his own bed at night. Sleep was hard to come by as it was. Having a two year old rolling around all night in your bed didn’t exactly bring a restful night either.

So, to me this book is more than a story about two brother’s love for jellybeans and their plan to get Mom to let them eat them morning noon and night. It is more than a lesson of moderation and letting your kids learn a lesson on their own. To me it brought a few  giggle filled moments with my son at the end of some very long and trying days.

***To read this interview in it’s entirety, please CLICK HERE.***